Client Communication and Mobile Marketing

Taking Client Communication and Mobile Marketing to the Next Level

Our Modules allows your company to easily create and send marketing messages to: Potential Clients, and your own clients for account control, payment notifications and also to send important reminders...

Bulk SMS Messages

Bulk SMS Messages

Solve your communication problems by making use of our Bulk SMS Utility to send your messages all at once

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Our Bulk SMS Utility makes it simply for Companies, Non Profit Organizations, Churches, Soccer Teams, Group Schemes, and Societies to send messages in bulk and also keep track of responses

Start Sending Bulk SMS Messages Today

Blue IT Marketing Advertising

Mobile Marketing Platform

Blue IT Marketing Offers you a mobile Marketing Platform that allows you to reach your Target Audience easily and @ very low rates

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Here at Blue IT Marketing we help you create campaigns and target them specifically to your target market, with thousands of potential clients in our databases, you are sure to get very good returns on your marketing investment, with us. so start creating your campaigns today....

Create Advertising Campaigns

Blue IT Marketing Surveys

SMS & Online Based Surveys

Create your SMS Surveys and have your clients complete their surveys when they are well rested, keep track of survey answers online with our data analytics tools

Creating a survey to keep track of your clients needs, views on your products, customer satisfaction, and even for products and or service launch has never been easier, Blue IT Marketing Ensures that your surveys reach your clients when your clients are well rested this allows for higher response rates than sending your surveys when your clients could not possibly complete them ...

Create Surveys

Bulk Faxing Utilities & Email to Fax Services

Bulk Faxing Utilities

A Simple, Inexpensive and secure way to Send and Receive Faxes

Keeping track of faxed documents can become cumbersome, and faxing documents can be expensive especially when you have to print out your document so that you can send them using your fax only to throw away your papers can be both expensive and sometimes a security risk on your part.

Create your Email to Fax Account

Creating your Account

Anyone can create a business account free of charge and also invite other users from their organization or business, so that they can use the account. The only time you will be required to make payment is when you:

  • Purchase Bulk SMS Messages
  • Purchase Advertising Credits
  • Purchase Survey Credits
  • Purchase Fax Credits

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