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Create your accounts & add Users

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Create your Organization Account & Manage your users


Application Protocol Interface

Bulk Messaging & Contact Management Accounts

Bulk SMS


Our Bulk Messaging & Contact Management Application allows you to easily manage your contacts and your messaging, in a one easy to use messaging application.

  • Bulk Messaging Features
  • Unlimited Contact Storage Space
  • Send Messages and Receive your replies professionally
  • Easy to use organized messages and their replies
  • Create unlimited Groups to organize your bulk messaging facility
  • Message Delivery Reports
  • Multi user system allowing you to give access to your messaging app to members of your staff
  • Secure Systems with one time pin sent by SMS to your registered mobile device allowing you to control who sends messages
  • Buy your Credits in Bulk through our Buy Credit Panel

Creating an Account

In order to start using Business Messaging & Contact Management you only have to create your account by following the steps below

  • Click on the Organization Details Button
  • Fill in your organization details
  • Save your Organization information
  • Refresh your account information by clicking on account
  • Click False next to account activated option
  • Using the cell number you provided on your organization information an SMS will be sent with your activation code
  • Enter the activation code and activate your account
  • Click on manage users tab to enter your personal details and then you are good to go